8 thoughts on “Suspended bamboo flooring surfaces installation

  1. elpuelco1 says:

    I am new at this and trying to learn how to install this flooring. This job looks great from my view thanks for posting this video..

  2. DaySpringStudios says:

    From the time you have done this install to now, Have you seen any cupping? How thick are your boards? I have some strand woven I'm thinking of doing this with.

  3. David Tyler says:

    should of undercut door frames properly then you wouldnt need the ugly looking sealer. its a shame to do a job but not pay 100% attention to the details. ruins the finish for me sorry to say

  4. Travis D. Williams says:

    What brand of bamboo is that? Thinking of extending my floors and that looks to be a perfect match.

  5. Desi Bravo says:

    Ive noticed that you kept the baseboard intact rather than removing prior to installation, any reason for not removing the baseboard for installation?

  6. Tenzin Gyaltsen says:

    Good for a DIY, make it look better but not perfect, job.  Looks good for not going the whole distance and pulling the trim.  I'm a little OCD so that caulk line would bug me.  But then again…. for the time savings it might be worth it.

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