Methods to Install Constructed Click-Lock Floor: Flooring Suggestions

How to Install Engineered Click-Lock Flooring : Flooring Tips


The nice point about putting in engineered click-lock flooring is that this doesn’t need much planning underneath. It is possible by just groing through the carpeting or laminated flooring absolutely there to start with. Find out more about the right way to install manufactured click-lock floor coverings with support from a honcho, chief, gaffer boss and experienced contractor in such a free movie.

Expert: Joshua Clement
Filmmaker: Nathanael Rittichier

Series Information: When it comes to do-it-yourself and designing, there generally are not many things as critical as flooring. Joshua Clement is known as a contractor using a ton associated with experience throughout hardwood floors, ceramic surfaces and correcting old floors. Learn everything regarding engineered flooring surfaces maintenance by using help coming from a professional company in this online video sequence.

Learn how to use the glued-down installation method for your Bruce or Armstrong engineered hardwood flooring installation. You can glue down your engineered hardwood over concrete or a suspended wood floor.

17 thoughts on “Methods to Install Constructed Click-Lock Floor: Flooring Suggestions

  1. Kevin Aguilar says:

    i like it that he does not gets out of the topic, but would it be better if i put a plastic layers for humidity? how about the noise cancellation? do i need to nail or just glue the part?

  2. bighaith says:

    Thanks. My kind of explanation. Now if u have a tip for stopping your wife and kids interfering whilst trying to do this I'd be grateful!

  3. Raymond Siewert says:

    Oh brother, better check some other videos on YouTube . Do these people look like experienced flooring installers ? Didn't think so ! Seems anyone can be a home improvement specialist if they want to . Sorry guys .

  4. juntjoo nunya says:

    I was confusing. Got lost at the 1st couple of math puzzles. Plank? board? How many in a row? Man she was jumping all over the place with that part. 

  5. mark valender says:

    Hi, Thanks for the demo. Just a quick question; I noticed you glued the ends of the boards with PVA but did you PVA glue the long sides as well? or are they left clean so each board can individually expand and contract? Many thanks in advance. Mark.

  6. GottaShopIt com says:

    It is true that glue down installation for engineered hardwood floors should be done with safety. You have really done great by talking about the safety measures. As you propose to start off with the task you should never overlook the essential safety gears. In this regard, you should be appreciated for inscribing the steps in such simple form. The diagrams and math equations are easy to follow. Those who have little bit of experience in this field will find the vid useful.

  7. Ted Tyszka says:

    That second math equation has me baffled. If you have lass than a board's width remaining, you still need a full board, ripped to width. What's with the "room+board, divided by 2"? Also, as mentioned below, why can't you just start laying down planks at the wall, with expansion shims? A couple of times they mention using a pull bar to tighten the seams. This is a "video." You think they might have actually demonstrated this? Thumbs down on this video, Armstrong.

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