How s bamboo surfaces made?

Bamboo sheets Flooring is growing to be the floor of preference for those trying to find an ecological, renewable floor coverings alternative to significantly less eco-friendly pricey flooring substances.
Bamboo Dealers have visited China in order to source their own flooring companies build environmentally friendly relationships using their manufacturing companions. Having stopped at numerous production facilities and when compared manufacturing procedures they have the information and encounter in helping his or her clients to be able to source the perfect product with a really good possible help and backing up.

10 thoughts on “How s bamboo surfaces made?

  1. Keli Wellington says:

    Hi, I've just made it, you can learn on woodprix website how to make it.Best solutions I think.

  2. apurba Kumar says:

    really amazed to c the texture n product…i want to purchase for my 1000 sq feet floor area…please send links where can i do so…i reside in assam guwahati

  3. TheSoulripper6 says:

    Nah Going green is lethal in to our savings & home renovations. This is expensive. You want people care for environment  make it cheaper.. Did you know bamboo is easily grown yet they charge like it Teak wood.

  4. Imron Masykuri says:

    Amazing bamboo product…
    We, bigbamboosupplierdotcom of Indonesia is ready to supply the needs of raw bamboo materials throughout the world. Please consult your needs, and see what we can do for you.

  5. EVZebra says:

    Dry bamboo is stronger (tensile) than carbon fiber for the same weight.
    Carbon fiber is some thing like 5x stronger than steel for the same weight.
    The secret is to know how to work with bamboo, that's where it gets a bit difficult, but the reward is there unless you want to pay $70 a sq meter for carbon fiber cloth.
    I suppose it depends on the size of the job. If you want to build big strong light structures your best bet is bamboo. Epoxy resin bond strength of around 4000 lbs per square inch

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