11 thoughts on “Amateur Installs Bamboo bedding Wood Flooring

  1. quickster4u2c says:

    Flooring is junk and Lumber Liquidators is the worst.  Gaps and shrinks excessively.  Formaldehyde in the resin is 3.5 times over the legal limit.  I have this floor, followed all the guidelines and it was installed by their recommended installers.  Gaps all over!  So bad that you can see the padding.  Entire perimeter of one wall shrank over 2 inches but they say this is normal….lol.  What a joke this company is.  

  2. Carroll Jordan says:

    ok where can I find a 18 g nail gun I just order Bamboo flooring  went to look around  to rent one but no one has 1 Help 

  3. James Vick says:

    For prying against drywall, get a long piece of plywood, or a piece of engineered flooring that is thin enough to fit against the wall and still allow your pry bar in place.  Also, when you pry, rather than lifting the bar, which tend to pick the piece up, pull it toward you.

  4. sonic boom says:

    Hi, Im gona guess & hope u aint in Canada. Cause 2 dollars a square ft. is very cheap for bamboo. Great deal. seeing crap low grade laminate goes for 99cents at a bargain price. So u paid a guy in a back alley late at night & he was also selling T.V's  or that's a great deal. Yeah yeah liquidators.

  5. Matthew Brenengen says:

    You raise a good point that I never considered. I think because it is only about 5-6 boards long, it doesn't make any difference, and I am sure no one ever thought about it, but if it were any longer, it would make sense to put a few joints in there to be consistent.

  6. icawn says:

    Hello. How do you like the appearance of full length boards in the small hallway? I chose to stagger down my hallway, even though it caused me extra waste. I thought it would look oddball if my hallway lacked the appearance of joints. I also did not consider flush floor vents, and regret not incorporating them instead of the drop in kind. The vents are $80 each from LL which is ridiculous, so I bought my own and am trying to match the stain myself.

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